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Kids & Teens Kundalini Reiki Course – level 1 & 2

Kids are so open to new experiences and more apt to believe in things they cannot see, they can really excel at Reiki.  Reiki has all the same benefits for children that it does for adults.  Reiki can help them learn to sooth and relax themselves and care for their own physical and emotional well-being.

Children are our future … guiding us to a new way of being. Our task is to be willing to see what they are trying to teach us and help them get started on their path to health, healing and, balance. Learning Reiki is one of the best ways they can begin this process. The Reiki course will provide your child with all of the wonderful gifts Reiki has to offer to be a Reiki Healer
  • Reiki Supports Balance and Health.
  • Reiki teaches children to be more confident, peaceful and happier in life.
  • Reiki eases children through the stresses of life’s situations.  They learn to trust their abilities and intuition.
  • Reiki guides children to their highest potential.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Enhances relaxation and sleep
  • Improves concentration
  • Promotes creativity
  • Encourages self-awareness
  • Calming and balancing
  • Gives children a way to deal with stresses of growing up
  • Promotes creativity

Reiki for Kids is both playful and fun but accurate and complete.

Investment $400, Commencing 18th July

 * Attuned as a Level 1 & 2 Kundalini Reiki Healer

 * 9 hours face to face training

 * 2 hour zoom plus ongoing support.

 * Reiki Manual

 * Crystal Pendulum

 * Crystal Grid board

 * Charka crystals

 * Sage Stick

 Recommended age 7-15
Commencing 18/07/21  
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Course Times

Session 1: 3pm to 6pm Sunday, July 18, 2021
* Cromer Studio

Session 2: 5pm to 6pm Sunday, July 25, 2021
* Zoom

Session 3: 4pm – 6pm Sunday, August 1, 2021
* Cromer Studio
Session 4: 5pm – 6pm Sunday, August 8, 2021
* zoom

Session 5: 3pm to 5pm Sunday, August 15, 2021
* Cromer Studio


Yoga, Meditation & Dreamcatchers

In this fun filled workshop we will move, breath, meditate and create.

Not only will we make our very own dreamcatchers we will do some mindset activities to help us understand out feelings and how dreamcatchers can help us to feel calm and peaceful.

Dream catchers are beautiful, they are also very cool, with lots of benefits. Dream catchers were originally used as a protective charm and can help your child sleep peacefully and ease anxiety and fears, such as fear of the dark or being alone in their room for the first time. They are thought to protect kids by trapping all bad dreams and feelings in the air, allowing only good dreams to pass. When the sun rises, all the bad things disappear.

What to expect:
* Yoga  * Breathing Exercises * Mindset Activities for Positive Mental Health.
* Meditation. * Make nature inspired dreamcatchers. * Each workshop is tailored to age.

Additional Needs Trapeze & Dreamcatcher Retreat (8-17)
2pm to 4pm Monday 12th April, 2021
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Little Yogi Retreat (ages 5-7)
10am to 12pm Tuesday 13th April , 2021
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Tween Yogi Retreat (ages 8-11)
10am to 12:30pm Wednesday 14th April, 2021
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Teen Yogi Retreat (ages 12-17)
10am to 12:30pm Thursday 15th April, 2021
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Trapeze Yoga Workshop

Trapeze Yoga is not only super fun, it also offers the same benefits as regular yoga, maybe more.

Trapeze yoga gives children the feeling of safe, weightless flight.

Participation in an Trapeze yoga class has a wide range of benefits for children of all ages, such as cognitive, neurological, motor, and developmental.

There are multiple therapeutic and sensory benefits associated with trapeze yoga.
Not only is your child having fun, they are strengthening all aspects of their health.

Yoga in the trapeze hammocks is a great tool to regulate the central nervous system, increase body awareness, and help children become aware of their own social and emotional needs so they can self-regulate their behavior.

All classes will incorporate yoga therapy exercises for added benefit and good flowing energy. Beginners welcome.

Little Yogi Trapeze (ages 5-7)
 1pm to 2pm Tuesday 13th April , 2021
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Tween Trapeze (ages 8-11)

1:30pm to 3pm Wednesday 14th April, 2021

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Teen Yogi Retreat (ages 12-17)

1:30pm to 3pm Thursday 15th April, 2021

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* If your yogi is attending the yoga retreat before hand, they are looked after between workshops. The hour will give them time to rest and eat.

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