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Term 3 Class Schedule

Cromer , Dee Why, Frenchs Forest

Email: hello@LittleBigWarrior.com.au

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Little Yogis – Toddlers 3-6 year olds

2 years olds welcome with paretn present.
Yoga is a fun, educational way to help and guide our Little Yogis develop and build awareness of their emotions and social skills. 

Aussie Gems 
Frenchs Forest
9.40am Wednesday 

Little Yogis – 4-8 year olds 

This term your Little Yogi will learn about their physical connection to nature and body awareness, along with ways to cope with their emotions.

At this age new and bigger emotions start to develop and sometimes its jsut so overwhelming, through Yoga we teach our little yogi how to calm and cope during these moments. 

8 week course
Cromer Studio
Start: Monday 29th July
4pm – 5pm

Tween Yogis – 8-12 year olds 

This terms course is dedicated to our thoughts.

We learn how to acknowledge them, accept them & let them go. They will develop ways to be able to cope whenever they feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.

This is a beautiful course and it will make a HUGE impact on their lives. 

8 week course
Dee Why Studio
Start: Wednesday 31st July
4pm – 5pm

Teens – 13-17 year olds

Hormones, emotions, self-esteem, confidence, connections, if there was a time to start yoga, in your teens is a great time. So many things going on with our minds and bodies. Thankfully yoga can help with all of it, build the strength, focus, resilioance we all desire at this age. 


Girls Only – Healthy Horomons

Every time a woman menstruates she has the opportunity to develop greater self-knowledge & spiritual awareness.

A women’s cycle governs the earth element, the flow & structure of the belly, body, blood quality & menstruation.

Monthly Workshops

Child Care

Little Big Warrior’s Child Care Yoga program is designed to teach children how to Breath, Pause, Focus, Create and Play as the connect to their inner and outer world.



Little Big Warrior runs Yoga sessions for primary & high schools,  during regular class periods, sport or for special events and work shops.

Yoga Therapy

Private classes are tailored to each individuals needs, through yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy and Neuro Lingeuistc Programming.


Work Shops

Little Big Warrior’s runs the most amazing, educational, inspiring and super fun workshops.

We cater to the public, schools and private sessions.