Yoga is good for your all around health–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual . Everyone knows about the good 6 senses of effect that yoga has on your emphasis levels and on your immune system.

Our subconscious mind stores all our memories, habits, thoughts, good and bad. Hypnotherapy is the gate way to the subconscious mind to make easy changes that we desire. 

The combination of physically challenging exercises, meditation (hypnotherapy) and breathing exercises can go a long way to quickly change, guide and implement positive thoughts.

When yoga just isn’t enough for kids……….

There are times in a child’s life, when they need more than yoga to work through or work past any emotions or feelings going on.

In Australia 100 kids commit suicide everyday, due to anxiety, depression, bullying, lack of confidence, bullying, death in the family, divorce, just to name a few. 

Yoga provides the tools and can assist with all of these negative emotions and feelings, and help build on them, but sometimes we all need a little more help, guidance. 

 Why Hypnotherapy is the icing on the cake

Yoga and hypnotherapy compliment each other well. 

By connecting these beautiful souls, yoga & hypnosis, we can help guide a person to a positive state of mind, help move past any trauma, sadness, anxieties. 

The best part your child will feel like they are at just any yoga practice.

Through yoga we work the body, physically and mentally, we build strength, stability and flexibility, we work the organs, muscles, joints, the whole body, then end with a beautiful relaxation, which is the hypnotherapy part, where we can relax them deep and easily to guide their minds to break negative thoughts patterns, bad habits, fears, anxieties to lock in positive thought patterns. 

The Magic of Yoga & Hypnotherapy combined

Soul Mates. Kindred Spirits, Perfect Blend, Made for each other.

When yoga, meditation, and hypnotherapy are combined, a person’s meditation and ‘going within’ are deepened to such a level that the body and mind reach new depths of relaxation, meditation, and healing. Both the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic Nervous System reach their ultimate potential, working (and not working) as and when they need to for our optimum health. 

All Hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

I am just their guide to get tot he place of positively. 

Hypnotherapy is completely safe, your child is in control at all times, they will not go to a place of negativity unless they feel ok too. All parents can be in the room, or in a place where they can hear everything. 

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