RYOHO Japanese Yoga Therapy

RYOHO Japanese Yoga Therapy with Dean Grigson

Sunday / Monday / Wednesday / Friday
10am to 11am

Thursday – RYOHO Yin based to balance and rest your nervous system to allow healing.
6:30pm to 7:30pm

Zoom O
Face to Face at the Cromer Studio

Drop-in sessions
$20 per session online
$25 face to face

Class Passes & Subscriptions

10 Class Pass $180 (to be used with in 2 months)

2 Class Pass weekly subscription $35 per week

3 Class Pass weekly subscription $50 per week

* Note the weekly subscription automatically renews each week until you cancel (see confirmation email – has a cancel button

Book Here 

Contact Dean directly on 0410 772 864

Dean Grigson has been teaching RYOHO Japanese Yoga for over 20 years. Dean is the leading RYOHO Teacher on the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Dean has a wealth of knowledge to encourage and make changes to your mind, body and soul.

RYOHO yoga will make a HUGE positive impact on your overall well-being.

RYOHO yoga is a holistic therapeutic form of yoga based on the principles of yin and yang in conjunction with the meridian energetic system within the body.

RYOHO yoga can alleviating and eliminating

* Relieve and & eliminate lower back, neck, hip and joint pain.

* Promotes healthy and strong digestive function.

* The yoga leaves the mind in a meditative zen clear state.

* Reproductive, menstrual & menopause issues.

* Ongoing health issues such as colds, flu, bronchitis

* Gluten intolerance issues

* Gastric reflux issues

RYOHO yoga is a simple and effective movement, with most postures you are laying on the mat.