Girls Only Yoga

Healthy Hormones.

Get the girls together for a beautiful yoga session that will educate, inspire, bond and leave you with the tools for the “perfect” menstrual cycle. 

Through Yoga exercise we can encourage our cycle to be regular, pain free, bloat and crazy free. 

 As women we are blessed that we have this monthly cycle that lets us clean out and clear out toxins. 

 This practice is open to all ages, a great way to bond as mother and daughter, friends, and any other important women in your life. 

Everyone will leave feeling empowered, nurtured and nourished.

Private, small or large groups. 

Healthy Hormones can be tailored to specific needs. 

Please contact me for more information. 

Child Care

Little Big Warrior’s Child Care Yoga program is designed to teach children how to Breath, Pause, Focus, Create and Play as the connect to their inner and outer world.



Little Big Warrior runs Yoga sessions for primary & high schools,  during regular class periods, sport or for special events and work shops.

Yoga Therapy

Private classes are tailored to each individuals needs, through yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy and Neuro Lingeuistc Programming.


Work Shops

Little Big Warrior’s runs the most amazing, educational, inspiring and super fun workshops.

We cater to the public, schools and private sessions.


What People Are Saying

“You’re my favourite yoga teacher .”

Little Yogi Girl, Age 5

Kids Club Child Care Centre

” I love the realaxtion part and learning to breath in my belly.”

Little Yogi Boy, Age 5

Owl & the Pussycat Child Care

“We have noticed a huge change in the children, within 3 weeks they showed to be alot calmer and more focused.”

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