In our fast-paced world, where kids and parents are involved in a multitude of responsibilities and activities, family yoga helps to create a sustainable environment where families can enjoy quality time together.

What make family yoga special, it creates a fun, holistic family bonding activity that is productive as yoga promotes physical and mental health. 

Since yoga does not take up a big slice of our already hectic schedules, setting aside an hour every week as a family is not too difficult to schedule it in.

The critical thing to keep in mind is that yoga  is beneficial for any age group, anyone can do it, young, old, fit, unfit, it does not matter who you are and when done together as a unit, family yoga offers an array of unparalleled benefits. 

  1. Parents Set Good Examples

Kids are constantly absorbing and assimilating various cues in the environment. By observing their parents perform yoga and because they typically want to emulate what their parents do, children learn how essential it is to prioritize physical and mental health. Besides, through family yoga sessions, parents show their kids how they value and cherish their parent-child time together. 

  1. Yoga is an Equalizer

Very often, in a family relationship, there is seldom a chance for parents to learn alongside their children. Usually, it is the former instructing, correcting or teaching the latter how something is done. But with yoga, the whole family learns as one unit and sometimes, kids might even be the ones to show their parents how it is done, which makes for a refreshing change. Being able to build acceptance has a powerful and positive impact on parent-child dynamics. 

  1. Family Yoga is Fun

You know your family is in good yogic hands when the sessions are fun and interactive. While yoga does involve some composed exercises, it is very essential for the yogi to build some lightheartedness into the sessions because families who laugh together, stay together. Plus, kids love interacting with their parents in a fun way, without having to stress about the seriousness of a situation. 

  1. Temporary Good Riddance to Technology

In this technology-driven age where mobile devices, TVs, I-pads and various other gizmos detract from quality family time, yoga is a happy and healthy solution that brings families closer. When parents show their kids that come what may their mobile phones are staying off for that one-hour of dedicated family time, they are sending them a message of how important family time is and how much it means to them.  

  1. Yoga Enhances Communication

All families go through communication gaps, especially as kids grow into their adolescent years and want to exercise their perceived right to independence. But one of the requisites of yoga is that each partner must speak kindly to the other. For instance, the parent-child partners have to ask each other respectfully when it comes to applying more or less pressure for certain exercises. And by this yardstick, yoga helps build good communication habits as well. 

  1. Increases Focus

Yoga is a brain-boosting workout. Through regular practice of some simple breathing and stretching exercises, kids learn to increase their focus in school and on projects, while parents are able to concentrate better on the job and various other responsibilities that occupy their workweek. So in addition to promoting fitness, yoga unquestionably is one of the best brain enhancing workouts that helps family members perform better in individual areas, regardless of age.

Yoga is increasingly being recognised the world over as playing an integral role in boosting family dynamics. More than the destination, yoga is all about the journey. When families travel along that comprehensive healing path together, not only are their bonds re-enforced and their physical and mental health enhanced, but kids and parents are also provided with plenty of opportunities to have a lot of fun together. The bottom line is that yoga  simply improves the overall quality of life of a family – healthier family, happier family, a better life.

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