From the moment I became a mother, the anxiety of my child’s future began to surface.

Not what will he be when he grows up, will he be successful, a doctor, a lawyer, the things that seem to be the concern when I was growing up. 

The real worry now is, will he be mentally stable, will he be cyber bullied, will social media be worse than it is today, will he have the chance to grow up in a world where everything he does is not uploaded to the internet. 

The world of instant gratification, this is something that terrifies me, our needs to have everything now grows in society everyday, impulse decisions, I want it now mindset, social acceptance, all when used in a negative context. Used the right way, instant gratification can be powerful 

Growing up with anxiety this sits dear to my heart, unfortunately I was not introduced to yoga and mindful meditation until my early 20’s, I worked hard to change my mindset, to understand and I want my children to have these life changing and life saving life skills. 

Raising my children to learn yoga and meditation is so important to me, how their brain works, how their thoughts work, embedding a positive mindset while they are young, I want them to have good positive tools to get through stress and overwhelming emotions. To give them this gift before the damage is done and they have to work hard to reverse their habits, negativity, letting anxiety and stress rule them. 

This is how I am going to raise my children.

It occurred to me that it’s all well and good that my children will have a yoga life, a yoga mind, a yoga body, but what about the people around them, our future. 

All children need yoga in their lives!! 

My purpose is clear!!!! 

So why yoga?? 

The benefits are endless, it suits all ages and all mindsets, stages of brain development.

* Enhances and Improves overall health 
* Strengthens the muscles and body core, our bodies foundation.
* Cleans and cleanses the body’s organs and blood.
* Promotes healthy digestion. 
* Enhances focus and concentration.
* Fosters self awareness and body awareness.
* Builds confidence and self-esteem 
* Promotes social skills 
* Reduces bullying and behaviour issues.
* Builds balance and flexibility.

If all these wonderful things (and so much more) come from yoga, then why isn’t yoga in every single school?

Why isn’t every child taught how their mind, their thoughts and body works. 

Why are we not working on preventing mental health issues, body issues, diseases, coughs and colds, fitness, overall health???

Yoga is a preventive that works!

 Kids Yoga is different to adults yoga, it is more than the movement, we educate them, we keep them engaged the whole time, we give them a rest at a certain time, we move them a certain way at a certain time. It is all planned to make sure they get the exact outcome, benefit, the impact we want to make. 

 If you want to know more, or you want yoga in your school, childcare or you child to attend classes.

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