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Specialising in Mental Health, , Children & Teens, working with highly empathic and sensitive children, Children on the Spectrum, with Autism, A.D.D., and A.D.H.D, postpartum PTSD, and trauma release.

I have had amazing results with children managing their emotions and anxieties, sleeping better, doing better in school, and feeling more connected to their bodies.

Working with and clearing past trauma’s, old behaviour patterns, creating the space for a new positive mindset, one that accepts, grows and let go’s. 

* Energy Healing
* Intuitive Reiki
* Aura & Chakra Balance * Energy Medicine * Time Line Therapy
* NLP techniques
* Hypnosis
* Guided Meditation
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Positive Mental & Emotional Health


Emotional Support & Guidance


Shift from sympathetic (fight-or-flight) anxiety mode into parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode


Find the root cause and clear past traumas


Clear Birth Trauma and recovery


Little talking with effective results


Receive messages from your angels and guides


Safe, natural and Effective


In person & Zoom Options

Elevate your families health naturally
What is Energy Healing

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

 All sessions are tailored to individual needs, using various energy healing methods, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Energy Medicine, and acupressure points. 

During a reiki session, messages from your guides and angels will come through  

 Reiki Energy healing for children (and adults) is a safe and non invasive healing method, it causes no harm, and complements other treatments.

Reiki helps the body shift from sympathetic (fight-or-flight) anxiety mode into parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode.

 The session helps to enhance your child’s body’s own self-healing response-assisting the body in releasing deep-seated tensions, aiding in detoxification, and balancing mental and emotional states. Energized crystals are used to enhance the healing process and cleanse negative energy. 

The Reiki healing experience is unique to every individual. Commonly, people feel very relaxed and may feel a tingling or temperature change (heat/cold) where the practitioner’s hands are.

 After the session, your child’s body will “detox” any unwanted energy; you will want to make sure that your child is well hydrated. It’s a good idea to drink water before the session as well.

 Reiki is a simple and powerful healing technique that balances the energy system of your child’s body; this often leads to improvement in health, increased relaxation and improved mental & physical well-being. If your child’s life force energy is low or blocked, he/she are more likely to become ill (physically or mentally). If it is high and flowing smoothly through the meridians of the body, your child is more resilient to disease or any form of negative energy and is also more balanced energetically. In Reiki, the practitioner does not necessarily need to touch the body. It can be done hands-on or hands-off. It does not require any special equipment or environment.

 The child feels a senses a feel of calmness and serenity after the session. The effects of this treatment can continue even hours and days after the session.

Benefits of Energy Healing
  • Enhance Calmness and promotes a feeling of inner peace
  • Improve Sleep and Relaxation
  • Relieves Stress, Anxiety, Phobias and Fears
  • Enhances relaxation and improve sleep
  • Improves focus & Concentration in class and when taking test
  • Manages Hyperactivity and self regulation
  • Pain relief and relax sore muscles
Who Benefits

Those who suffer……

  • from Anxiety, stress and other fears.
  • with Anger issues and Mood swings.
  • with Insomnia, and other sleep related issues.
  •  with issues related to Focus and Concentration.
  • with diagnosis of ADHD or ADD.
  • with sensory processing disorders and Autism spectrum.
  • with OCD and ODD.
  • with pain and sore/tight muscles.
  • with Behavioral Issues.

Healing & Coaching Sessions: All sessions are tailored to individual needs and goals.

My Passion: Positive Mental Health for kids & Teens.

Here is why:

Studies show that around one in seven young Australians between the ages of 4-17 years’ experience a mental health condition.

Kids struggle with their studies at school, with their teachers’ & parents’ expectations, with their friends and social skills, with their behaviour and attitude, with authority, with their health, with their siblings and sometimes, even with their parents, and this breaks parents’ hearts.

When working with a client, I look at the root cause, clear past emotions and traumas an find a solution based on all heath areas; mindset, environment, and physical activity. We do this to identify and understand what is happening. I focus on moving forward, putting actions into place with the client and monitor actions to ensure results!

One of the greatest compliments I get from parents is how relaxed their children are when working with me. I pride myself in working with the child by respecting what they say and putting value on their opinion. All this while providing a fun, interactive and creative process.

Those who do not want to just talk about how they feel love this type of approach, as we do not have to discuss exactly what is going on to clear, I guide you, give you the tools. I then finish the session with energy healing to clear on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

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Postpartum Trauma Clearing

Are you struggling after an intense and traumatic birth experience?

Do you find yourself engulfed in waves of anger and sadness when you think about your experience?

Are you feeling lost and disconnected with yourself and your new baby?

Energy healing work is some of the most powerful work I do with my clients. Many experience a hugely healing transformation, allowing them to step forward, releasing trauma , reclaiming lost energy and restoring their true feminine life-force.


“I’ve been diagnosed by a team of specialists as having CPTSD. My body has a negative feedback loop program that I am hostage to at any moment. Shannon took my perspective higher. She helped me file things that did the occasional pop up. Her timeline technique is unquestionably the most profound tool I’ve encountered. I can say that I’m more me and less ptsd than I’ve ever been.
Shannon has helped me help myself. Her techniques have fostered better connections with my source. I’m a better mother, nurse, photographer and artist. I’m kinder to myself and I give myself permission to live with freedom.
It has softened yet galvanised my relationship with my 5 children, 3 of which who have considerable challenges around learning and processing. I vibe check myself most mornings using Shannon’s tools and I’m eternally grateful because I can see the work. Thank you Shannon. “

– Jay. C

“Shannon is a powerful healer. She worked wonders with my daughter who has been diagnosed wit ADHD and myself. I never new that by shifting energy could really make a huge impact on our wellbeing. If you are not sure, I highly recommend you give it a go. This is now part of our health program. Thank you Shannon"

– Sarah M

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– Jane Doe

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