Before you start reading please take into consideration I am no writer, I had an experience and thought I would share a piece of me with you.

I wrote this last night before I went to sleep thinking I would write up a quick post to share and before I knew it I had written a whole story. So here it is,  my story, my anxiety!!

Today has been a clutching at my oils kind of day. I want to share with you today, not next week during mental health awareness week (October 10th), people suffer from a mental health issues everyday, everywhere at some point in their life.

Even someone like me who is so dedicated to creating a mindful life for my family, suffers from that anxious feeling, that sick feeling in your stomach, the heart racing, eyes glazing over, dizziness, body shakes, the uneasiness. I am only human and life catches up, I become overwhelmed, I take too much on, I am hard on myself, I expect more from myself, I want to be able to do it all.

Usually I am onto it and I catch a breath before it gets to a stage like it has been the last 24 hours or so.

It all started last night as I was going over with my husband  what needs to be done over the next couple of weeks and my head literally went boom🤯. Pretty sure my eyes glazed over and I got that look of “of F*#%!!!”,  my husband even asked “are you ok?” And of course I was like yes yes all good here, just thinking. I am fine, I am always fine. I generally believed that too. In hindsight I should of the snuck to take a moment to catch my thoughts, let them flow in and out. But it was around the kids bedtime so on with it I went, pushing aside my overacting thoughts that were starting to arise.

By the time I was in bed, comfy with my arms wrapped around my one year old my thoughts  began to rear rapidly. Nothing too specific but scattered thoughts going a million miles an hours. Thinking to myself, it has been a long time since my mind has been like this. I tried to focus on my breath, let the thoughts pass but my mind was in overdrive. Being the mother I am I didn’t want to risk waking my son (who lay peacefully in my arms) so I just lay there, waiting, hoping to fall asleep, rather than getting up and grabbing some oils or playing my hypnosis app. Thankfully my diffuser was misting near by so I focused on inhaling the beautiful oil scents (Lavender, Frankincense, Easy Air) , seemed like a lifetime, I eventually falling asleep.

Waking up feeling tired, I did the usual routine and got the kiddies to daycare, grabbed a coffee and headed to the gym.
At the back of my mind I kinda knew anxiety was lurking but I also believed a good gym session would fix that. It always does, the gym clears my head, make me feel good, makes me happy.
Boy I was wrong, hurrying home, showering and finally grabbing my two fav oils of lavender peace and vetiver. I placed a drop or two on my hands and inhaling the sweet scents, rubbing some on my heart and behind my ears, the calm is almost instant, I know that the anxiety will start to fade very soon.

Still clutching my oils, I gather my thoughts and work out what is super important and must be done today I head down to the computer. Making a silent deal with myself. Only an hour or two, do not over do it!!!

Working away trying to ignore that anxious feeling, I continued to use my oils as needed, as I got what I need to do to give myself the rest of the day to refocus and regroup. If I had not done some work my head would be at the computer stressing about having so much to do. So I compromised with myself and did what I had too.

Diffuser misting, I grab my headphones and iPhone I lay in bed  and listen to my favourite anxiety free hypnosis app.
40 minutes later I feel much better.
I almost feel balanced again.
Exactly what I needed.

The rest of the day my oils are close by, ready for me, supporting me the whole day.
My new besties. 100% would not have gotten through the day without them!!n They are seriously powerful remedy’s.

I have written this as I want you to know, everyone suffers from anxiety, depression, mental health issues from time to time.

Mindfulness mediation was my savior many years ago, grouped with essential oils you have a winning package.

So be aware, check in with yourself, take an extra 10 minutes in the shower, sit in the car. Find somewhere you can be alone and check in with yourself, take a step back, make sure that your mind is ok and is handling life. It’s okay to rest, to take a moment. And it’s definitely ok to slow down, do less. We aren’t super human.

Most of all, support one another. Recognise  when someone may need a lending hand, and recognise when you need a lending hand and yes it’s ok to accept that hand.

Take care, look after yourself and be mindful!! The world is a fast place.
Love you all and thanks for reading xxx