My Mission, My Purpose

Welcome to Little Big Warrior Well-being.

“Elevate your child’s health Naturally “

My name is Shannon Summergreene, I have lived on the Northern Beaches all my life, I have a loving husband, 2 beautiful souls and I am so grateful to be raising my family in this beautiful place.  My kids are my motivation, inspiration, my passion as to why I am here today, they have given me this purpose, and that is to reach as many children and families as I can, to help them find inner peace, so they know how to calm their minds and emotions in times of need.

I want to make an impact on our future, my children’s future, on your children’s lives and their future.

"Holistic Healing & Yoga to promote Happy Hearts, Calm Minds, Healthy Bodies, Growth Mindsets, Emotional Resilience & Self Awareness for Positive Mental Health."

Feathers represent freedom, truth, strength, honour and power.

Ancient Egyptian believed a pure heart was a light as a feather.

The feather asks you to keep your heart light and pure, and to let the truth be your guide.

The colours represent each Chakra.

Violet for understanding how you fit into this world.

Indigo for connection to self.

Blue to speak your truth.

Green for love of self and others.

Yellow for confidence and wisdom.

Orange for Creativity.

Red for stability.

The golden circle represents the circle of life.

Gold represents generosity, compassion and love.

Combined together you are a Little Big Warrior

My mission is to reduce mental health conditions in Australia. 1 in 100 kids commit suicide everyday in Australia. Suicide is the leading cause of death in youths.

Yoga empowers our kids and teens to take charge of their own mental, physical and emotional health.

I started sharing yoga with kids and teens because of the profound benefit it had on my own life. 
Struggling with anxiety and depression from around age 13, I never had the support or coping skills to manage my own well-being. 
In later years yoga taught me to accept my own emotions, calm my mind, release my emotions and thoughts. 

 I want this for all the children to teach. I want them to walk away feeling great about themselves, I want them to have found a place of stillness, to know whatever challenge they come across in their life they have yoga, breathing exercises, know how to find peace within themselves.

I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge, information and skills that will help raise our little ones to live a life that is mindful, positive and happy.

Mindful living

What is that to you?

And how can we implement mindfulness to our kids lives?

To be mindful is to be present, to be aware, to not judge and to do things for a purpose.

 Teaching kids to be more mindful is pretty simple,  lead by example. By practicing a mindful life you show your little ones first hand. So be present, be calm, eat well, play, laugh and of course love and support one another.

 You can also teach your children through books, games, activates, meditations, playing outside, being creative, drawing, using their imagination and to be environmentally and health aware.

 And of course our Yoga Classes are an educational, fun, interactive way for our children to work together and learn to live a positive mindful life. 

 I am a big fan of  creating positive mindsets and how the power of the mind can change each and everyone of us.


Try it when you wake up every day for the next week.

What a lot of people do not realise is how powerful the mind is, especially in children.

From an early age you can start setting a positive mindset for your children.

Children do not always know how to deal with unwanted emotions and because of this they may act out, throw a tantrum, have trouble sleeping, create an anxious reaction/trigger to something. To see this as parents, caregivers, and guardians it can really affect us too.  It certainly hurts my soul to see my kids upset in anyway.

With Little Big Warrior I want to create a calm, fun and safe place, a place where I can use my knowledge of Mindfulness, Yoga, Hypnosis and NLP to help the next generation grow into Strong, Mindful Warriors. 

 And what I LOVE most about this approach is that it’s all NATURAL, it’s SIMPLE and it’s truly EFFECTIVE.

 Lets work together and support each other to build a peaceful, mindful and forever living world.

Little Big Warrior Well-being

Yoga Therapy
Hypnotherapy& NLP
Reiki & Crystal Healing
Meditation Healing
Time Line Therapy
Family Yoga

Yoga to Child Cares, Primary and High School

Yoga Club Cromer & Mona Vale
Amazing and Informative Workshops through the year.

Qualifications and Training

 Level  1 Yoga Teacher – My Health Yoga
Foundation & Advanced Yoga for Children Teacher Training – Zenergy Yoga
Yoga Therapy Specialist – Zenergy Yoga
Children’s Yoga Mastery Course – Zenergy Yoga
Healer, Reiki Master, Crystals & Energy  – My Health Yoga
Children’s Yoga Teacher Training – Rainbow Yoga
Yoga Australia Member 
Certified Children’s Mindful Meditation Coach – Sarah Wood Valley
Certified Hypnotherapist – The Tad James Co.
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner – The Tad James Co.
Time Line Therapy Practitioner – The Tad James Co.

Be a Warrior, Not Worrier

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Little Big Warriors’ Mindful Movement Yoga Program is designed with intention, to educate, to build on mind body connection, to provide tools to help support emotions, we are there for a reason, we want to make a positive impact in the children’s everyday life, starting right now.