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“Holistic Healing & Yoga to promote Happy Hearts, Calm Minds, Healthy Bodies, Growth Mindsets, Emotional Resilience & Self Awareness for Positive Mental Health.”


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How Can Yoga Help ADHD?

While medication is one way to manage the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AHDH), yoga therapy is also very useful in helping kids who suffer from this mental health issue.

Transforming Our Lives With Family Yoga

In our fast-paced world, where kids and parents are involved in a multitude of responsibilities and activities, family yoga helps to create a sustainable environment where families can enjoy quality time together.

Yoga Therapy and Hypnotherapy For Children

As parents, we all want to be that positive guiding light for our children. Helping them with their specific needs, whether they are suffering from stress and anxiety, dealing with trauma or are just going through a tough time in their lives.

A place of stillness

My 6 year old daughter loves Shannon’s yoga class. It has really helped her with managing those big emotions and frustrations. I think it is really important that our kids can come to a place of stillness when they have a need to be constantly busy and entertained. Shannon is excellent with the kids and her calming and caring nurture really projects onto them. 5 stars!


Highly recommend

We love Shannon’s yoga class. My two year old toddlers go and love it. It’s great for them to practice being calm at that age and Shannon is so patient with them. Every week they learn a new pose and a lesson. High recommend.


Perfectly suited to little people

My 4yo attended a school holiday class and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a busy active boy he’s not one to sit still for long, but Shannon understands that little people need to wiggle and handles it with respect and fun. It was a delightful class. Perfectly suited to little people.


Join our yoga classes

Little Big Warriors’ Mindful Movement Yoga Program is designed with intention, to educate, to build on mind body connection, to provide tools to help support emotions, we are there for a reason, we want to make a positive impact in the children’s everyday life, starting right now.